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Time For an Air Conditioning Tune Up in Tampa FL


We recommend performing an air conditioning tune-up twice a year to properly maintain your HVAC system.  This keeps your air conditioner and furnaces up to par and saves you money on your monthly utility bill. Spring and summer time in Tampa Bay is the perfect time to inspect your air conditioner as well as your furnace to make sure that all systems are functioning safely, and running efficiently.

Don't wait until your air conditioning system is malfunctioning and you need our a/c repair services or  an emergency a/c repair  technician to come to your Tampa Bay home or business!

Airzone Air Conditioning and Heating offers affordable AC repair service in Tampa and affordable preventative maintenance solutions and services for your air conditioner and furnaces that can't be beat!

If you didn't have your Spring-time a/c tune-up, you know what the "feels like" temperature has been this year! The weather in Tampa Bay is as hot and humid as it can get which makes your HVAC system run harder and longer.  It's  not too late to schedule your air conditioning maintenance service to insure that your system does not have any hidden problems that can lead to expensive repairs or even cause you to have to replace your air conditioner. It is crucial to make sure your a/c unit is clean, wires are not worn, and Freon levels are correct. Changing your a/c filter regularly is good, but it's not enough to keep your A/C running right. We've listed below our maintenance service check points that are important for a well maintained unit.

A/C Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Tampa Bay Home and Business Owners

Seasonal, Tampa air conditioning service and preventative maintenance check ups are recommended by most HVAC and furnace manufacturers as part of the conditions of warranty coverage. Regular air conditioning tune-ups keep your unit running efficiently and will reduce your electric bills.
  • Check and balance refrigerant levels. Coolant that is too high or too low affects efficiency. A reduction in coolant levels of even 10 percent can increase operating costs by 20 percent.
  • Clean or replace air filter. Dirty air filters are the primary cause of breakdowns that require air conditioning repair. Dirty air filters make a unit work harder and affect indoor air quality. Airborne particulates are re-circulated through the system and blown into the air you breathe.
  • Clean, level and calibrate thermostat. Energy usage increases by 8 percent for each degree a thermostat is lowered. Dirt in the housing affects temperature readings. A thermostat that has been bumped and loses its level also affects calibration.
  • Inspect and clean condenser and evaporator coils. Dirty coils reduce energy efficiency and make the compressor run longer.
  • Inspect wiring and connections. Frayed wiring is a fire hazard. Improper connections affect voltage and flow of current, which can damage a unit.
  • Make sure the unit cycles on and off properly. The system should turn on, run through a full cycle and shut off properly.
  • Clean compressor housing. Leaves, dirt and debris affect air flow. If the compressor is in full sun, plant shrubs nearby, not closer than 3 feet, to provide shade.
  • Check and clean drains and tubing. Clogged drains keep moisture from leaving the system. Water can back up and damage not only the unit but nearby structural elements of the building. Excess water in the system affects indoor humidity.
  • Oil all moving parts. Sluggish fans and motors make a unit work harder.
  • Check blower and grilles to ensure that air moves freely. Restricted airflow can reduce efficiency by up to 15 percent.

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