Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tampa AC Repair Preventative Maintenance

It's been a long, hot summer here in Tampa Bay and our AC units have been working overtime. If you're like most Florida home and business owners, you can't wait until it cools down so the electric bills will go down.

If you have experienced abnormally high power bills, you should know that an inefficient or poorly maintained AC unit can cause your power bill to skyrocket. Preventative AC maintenance can help to keep your power bills down and can also help to extend the life of your equipment.

Some of the Air Conditioning parts that should be checked and maintained regularly for preventative AC maintenance are as follows:

  • AC Freon levels
  • AC Condenser coil check and clean if necessary
  • Pressure seals, caps and valves 
  • AC condenser fan motor
  • AC Compressor Amperage
  • Inspect power disconnect box, Capacitors and wires
  • AC evaporator coils 
  • Inspect AC Filter - Change and/or clean
  • Flush drain line and vacuum emergency drain pan 
  • Emergency float switch inspection
  • Air Duct inspection 
  • AC evaporator fan motors
  • Inspect the blower motor housing
  • AC Thermostat
You should also have a Tampa Bay AC repair company to evaluate your HVAC system to ensure it is up to date with city & county mechanical codes

Airzone AC and Heating serving Tampa, Florida provides preventative maintenance on your HVAC units to keep your system running smoothly, and cooling and heating efficiently. We've had a long summer and although we are all hoping for a break from the Tampa Bay heat in the next few months, we'll be gearing up for cool weather shortly after that.

In Florida our air conditioning and heating systems run year round so we offer an AC preventative maintenance service agreement which is a comprehensive plan to help you keep your HVAC system running effectively. If you need an AC repair or AC tune up you can schedule an appointment for both by visiting our Tampa Bay AC Repair  online request form or call us directly. Our trained AC techs will come to your home or business in Tampa bay and provide you with a high level of  AC repair service and get your HVAC system into tip top shape.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

AC Problems Requiring AC Repair in Tampa Bay

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you're running your air conditioning more often than you're running your heater. Because of the extensive useage of your AC in Tampa's climate, there are many things that can go wrong with your HVAC. Many home and business owners joke about having to have their Tampa AC repair company's phone number on speed dial, especially in the warmest months. There is nothing worse than having your AC malfunction in Florida's hottest months. With temperatures soaring into the high 90's in the heat of the summer it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for those with health problems to be without a cooling system.

A good way to avoid being without AC at your Tampa Bay home or business come the summer months is by obtaining preventative maintenance service for your HVAC system. Our preventative maintenance and AC check up's can help to reduce the chances that your air conditioning will malfunction when you least expect it to.

Some of the most frequent causes for a faulty air conditioner, whether it is not cooling efficiently are listed below. Airzone Air Conditioning and Heating's preventative maintenance service will cover some of these issues. We will inspect your AC for problems for these problems and our AC repair service for Tampa Bay homeowners. We recommend performing an AC tune-up twice a year to properly maintain your system and save you money on your monthly utility bill. This can also cut down on needing costly AC repairs.

Some of the Most Frequent Problems That May Cause You to Require
AC Repairs at Your Tampa Bay Home or Business:

1. Air Conditioning Refrigerant / Coolent
Too little or too much air conditioning coolant or refrigerant can cause a problem with the efficiency of your air conditioning. It is imperative that you hire a licensed air conditioning company in Tampa to charge your air conditioner properly with the correct type and amount of freon. Many times a freon leak is the cause of a low freon level in your home's AC. Alternatively, too much AC freon can cause problems. 

2. Leaking Air Conditioning Ducts
Poor A/C performance is many times caused by leaky air conditioning ducts. Air conditioning ducts move cold or hot air through them and deliver the air that cools or heats your home or business. Homeowners won't usually notice if their AC ducts are leaking. Checking for air conditioning duct leaks is important to the performance of your air conditioner because when AC ducts leak, cool air escapes, thus increasing your utility bills because you are running your AC longer and more frequently. In Tampa Bay duct leak inspection may be required to be performed prior to any new HVAC installation . Have a licensed Tampa Air Conditioning Company to properly seal your AC ducts and perform a check for leaks.

3. AC Filters
Expensive AC filters aren't necessarily the best choice for your HVAC system. Sealing the ducts and performing other AC preventative maintenance services in combination with using the filter that your HVAC system calls for will help your AC run more efficiently. Keeping your AC filters clean will contribute to a good air flow, which is extremely important to efficiency. Our Air Zone AC repair technicians inTampa Bay will inspect your system and recommend what type of AC filters you should use.

4. AC Coils
Dirty AC coils can cause your AC to work harder and freeze up. Evaporator coils collect dirt and reduces airflow. Your evaporator coil should be checked and cleaned at least once a year. Outdoor condensers coils should also be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Call Air Zone Air Conditioning & Heating for your Tampa Bay AC Repairs or Visit our Website at http://www.airzone-ac-heating.com.

Schedule an affordable AC Tune Up or Preventative Maintenance for Your Tampa Home or Businesses Air Conditioning.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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